This is a collection of my learnings, thoughts, and musings related primarily to web development

Types in Javascript

Every programming language has various types which are different representations of data, such as numbers, strings, booleans, and so on. In Javascript, there are 7 types

Javascript Fundamentals 2

This is a continuation of the Javascript Fundamentals series, this time covering variable environments, scope, and 'this' in Javascript.

Javascript Fundamentals 1

This series of posts is composed of various notes regarding the basic fundamentals of how Javascript works under the hood.

The Javascript Engine: Part Two

When working in Javascript, one doesn't always think too much about the call stack or memory heap directly as these are all managed by our engine, but these are critically important programming concepts that can help us write better code.

The Javascript Engine

If we want to talk to a computer, we have to speak to it in a language it understands. For the computer to actually understand Javascript, we need a javascript engine. This engine effectively translates our javascript code into a language that it can actually understand.